10th EWHN Conference for labour & occupational health and safety representatives and professionals
“Workers finding a voice in a new Europe"
Friday September 29th to Sunday October 1st 2006, 
Baltic Beach Hotel, Majori, Jurmula, 



Conference timetable

Conference program

Key workshops

Info meetings

National networks

Topical workshops


Conference Program


Workplace Visits

The conference begins with a range of visits to local companies. After each visit it may be possible to continue discussion either at the company or at a labour union office close to the site.


Info meetings

The conference will contain a range of different brief Info-Meetings about specific subjects.


Workshops are divided into two groups:-

Key workshops each with three sessions, facilitated by Network members from EWHN and supported by colleagues from Baltic States.

Topical workshops are shorter with just two sessions and facilitated by EWHN national network members.


Delegates will have the opportunity to be fully active in discussion and debate, and will be involved in formulating recommendations to go to the whole conference. Each workshop will have on or more responsible persons who prepare, follow up and feed back on debates.