10th EWHN Conference for labour & occupational health and safety representatives and professionals
“Workers finding a voice in a new Europe"
Friday September 29th to Sunday October 1st 2006, 
Baltic Beach Hotel, Majori, Jurmula, 

Conference Report 

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Conference program

Key workshops

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Topical workshops

list of participants 

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Key workshops  

Key workshop A:       go to workshop report 

Construction work (incl. migrant workers and subcontracting) / Facilitators: Freddy Ridderhaugen & Ulrik Spannow (DK)

photo of one of the workshop

Key workshop B:        go to workshop report      

Behavior Based Safety - "Blame The Worker" Safety Programs / Facilitator: Roy Erling Furre (N)

Key workshop C:          go to workshop report

Occupational Health and Safety, a Recruitment Tool for Activists / Facilitators: John Bamford (ENG) & Klaas Zwart (NL)

Key workshop D:          go to workshop report

Stress, Workpressure and Health Issues / Facilitators: Ian Draper & Brian Robinson (ENG)

    photo 2

Key workshop E:          go to workshop report

International OHS Risk Transfers. Capital and Labour Movements / Facilitator: Andrew Watterson (SCO)