10th EWHN Conference for labor & occupational health and safety representatives and professionals
“Workers finding a voice in a new Europe"
Friday September 29th to Sunday October 1st 2006, 
Baltic Beach Hotel, Majori, Jurmula, 

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Social dialogue and health and safety


In a world -

with globalisation and cross-border work

at a time where dramatic changes sweep all over Europe

and where labor rights are threatened ……

there is a need for continuous exchange of experiences and the development of new ideas.

Bringing together workplace activists from the old and new member states together with occupational health and safety specialists and academics, this conference aims to:

  • raise awareness at European level (and beyond) of the danger for the new member states and other parts of the world becoming pools of cheap and at-risk labor;
  • work for equality of health and safety protection across Europe;
  • build support for the role of trade unions and their representatives on health and safety issues.
  • extend the EWHN to new member states; and
  • provide a platform for the development of national Work Hazards networks in the Baltic States and across Europe.



Organized by the European Work Hazards Network in conjunction with

the Construction Workers’ Union, Latvia